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Arson Investigation

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What Is Arson Investigation?

Arson is a known technique for insurance fraud and a crime. In an arson investigation, the scene of the fire is inspected and investigators collect physical evidence that is later used in court for a conviction, if arson is found to be the cause of the fire. Arson investigators will look for signs of arson, such as burn patterns, accelerants, and utilities that have been tampered with to make their decision on whether or not it was arson.

If someone set fire to your insured property, this could raise questions with your insurance company, making you appear guilty. Your insurance company will have the arson investigated by trained professionals before a payout is agreed on. The company will press charges if it is proven that the fire was started deliberately. Many people have used the services of freelance personal investigators to absolve themselves of guilt and to speed the process of getting a settlement from the insurance company.

Private arson investigators can also answer the question of whether or not it was arson to help protect your family. If someone set fire to your property in order to hurt you or someone you love, you need to be aware of the situation to keep your family protected.

What To Expect

Once hired, your private investigator will discuss the details of the case with you, getting the necessary information. This is the time that you and your investigator can set a budget and work on a payment plan. After making these arrangements, he or she will contact local law enforcement and speak with other professionals about your case. He or she will also visit the scene of the arson and take a fresh look at the evidence. Your investigator can write a report for you or go to court as your expert witness, bringing valuable testimony that proves your innocence.

By hiring your own private investigator, you ensure that the evidence will be fairly collected and analyzed, allowing you to avoid criminal charges and collect the insurance settlement you are due. Your investigator can appear in court to testify to his or her findings to clear your name. 

Arson Investigation Skill Set:

  • Firefighter Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science Technology
  • The National Fire Academy
  • ATF
  • IAAI
  • FBI
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Forensic Investigation
  • CFEI
  • CFII
  • CVFI
  • NFPA
  • Fire Science Training
  • Certified Arson Investigator


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