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Asset Search Investigation

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What Is An Asset Search?


An asset search is a search for real estate and/or personal property owned by a business or individual. The search is normally conducted through public record databases but professional private investigators may have other resources to turn to. An asset search is usually necessary for the sake of  discovering how much money an individual or a business has for the satisfaction of debts, settlements and lawsuits. It is also utilized when the individual or business has defaulted on a loan and creditors need to recoup their money. It is also done to make sure there are no liens on a property before purchase. There are several types of investigations that may require an asset search.


Personal Injury Investigation


A personal injury investigation should uncover fraud, if there is any, by determining just how injured a person really is. This type of investigation usually involves surveillance, statements gathered by witnesses and scene documentation.


Motor Vehicle Investigation


This investigation type provides the searcher with information on liens and the name of the individual the car is registered to. An asset search would be done for the sake of making an individual, who is at fault in an accident, pay for personal injury claims and other financial obligations.


Business Due Diligence Compliance Investigation


Often used as a risk management tool, this type of investigation delves into areas pertaining to investment and contracts. It is used to research and reveal things about a company, such as finance management, suppliers, management and other areas that give an idea of how a company really does business. This kind of investigation can be done on individuals, as well.


Collection of Debt Matters


This type of investigation will help uncover assets if they exist, so you can know whether or not to take your debtor to court. With hidden assets revealed, you can be certain the debtor has money to pay you with and debt collection processes can start.


Collecting Unpaid Child Support


Once a complete and thorough asset search has been done, the collected information can be used in court to collect unpaid child support. Some states will allow custodial parents to put a lien on property owned by the non-custodial parent or property will be sold to pay for owed child support.


Divorce Cases Investigation


Divorce cases need to be thoroughly investigated to uncover hidden assets that should be included in the divorce settlement. Although laws will differ from state to state, most states seek to split assets and family property equally. This investigation can also help decide the amount of alimony that is to be paid by showing how much money and property the husband or wife own.


Asset Recovery Services/Repossession


Used to take possession of a vehicle, house or other personal property in which the loan has not been paid on. Asset searches uncover money the debtor may have to pay for the property. It can also be used to determine that the debtor can not afford to pay the loan back and the repossession can commence.

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