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Automobile Accident Investigation

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Accident Investigation is the science of using the laws of physics and technology to reconstruct a sequence of events in determining how a collision or accident happened. The training and education it takes to become an accident reconstructionist is detailed and demanding. He or she must be trained in multiple areas and be able to interpret data from wrecks that involve cars, pedestrians, bicycles, trucks and motorcycles.


Trained professionals use current technology to determine:


  • How fast the vehicle was going
  • Driving conditions at the time of the accident
  • Actions of the driver at the time of the wreck
  • Mechanical failure


They may also look at black box data, if it is available. The black box is available in up to 50% of all new cars. Because this is not a typical recorder, measuring speed, braking times, and other actions, requires a trained professional to collect and analyze the data.


These, and other factors, can be included or ruled out as the cause for the accident after a trained professional has collected and correctly interpreted the data. Professionals in this line of work are called accident reconstructionists. Many private investigators have this skill set, having received the necessary credentials from previous work as law enforcement or with insurance companies.


The Role of an Accident Reconstructionist


An accident reconstructionist inspects the scene of an accident and recovers data for use in determining cause and responsibility for the wreck. Data will also be collected from law enforcement and other available sources. After having collected and analyzing this data, it is then the job of the reconstructionist to interpret the data for an accurate portrayal of the facts.


An Accident Reconstructionist Provides:


  • A simplified transition from the accident to the insurance settlement
  • Positive proof of guilt for the responsible party
  • Use of all available resources to prove your innocence
  • Educated and experienced use of the latest reconstruction technology
  • Evidence that is clearly presented for the judge and jury to understand
  • Expert testimony from an unbiased source


The sooner a private investigator accident reconstructionist is contacted, the better chance you have of getting an accurate account. He or she, like the police, will have to talk to eyewitnesses and visit the scene of the accident. If too much time passes between the time of the wreck and the private investigation, eye witnesses may forget important details, smart phone videos may be erased or lost with a stolen phone and evidence at the scene of the accident can be cleaned up or washed away with the rain. 

Skill Set:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Traffic Homicide Investigators
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Black Box
  • Expert Witness
  • Forensic Mapping
  • 3D Animations
  • Crash Simulations
  • Photogrammetry
  • Cold Case
  • ACTAR Certified


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