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Background Investigation

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Background investigation involves conducting a thorough investigation of the public records of a given individual, as well as conducting interviews and a general investigation in order to verify information supplied by an individual.

The following are types of background investigations most commonly conducted:

  • Professional investigation – this verifies a person’s previous employment, educational, and criminal background when applying for employment.

  • Personal investigation – this reveals and verifies personal information of an individual including business, property, and other personal matters.

  • Educational investigations – This is to verify information regarding the educational background of an individual.

  • Employment investigations – this will reveal accurate as well as detailed credit ratings, criminal records, educational background, and military service records.

  • Public Records investigations – these are up to date records containing the most accurate information that only private investigators can obtain despite the many public record search websites available on the internet.

  • Local agency check – these are investigations that cover the jurisdiction of the local law enforcement where the subject resides.

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