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Bug Sweep, Bug Detection, TSCM

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Surveillance devices nowadays are becoming inexpensive and are available in the right stores. Given that anyone can now own his or her own surveillance cameras or recorders, this may lead to an increase in the threat to invade our privacy. It is then the function of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, or bug sweeps to ensure businesses and personal lives are free from the unauthorized eyes and ears.

 Types of Bugs and Surveillance gadgets

Hidden cameras are probably one of the common. Nowadays, cameras are becoming more advanced. With the latest advancements, including HD recordings with a much smaller camera dimensions, the surveillance process becomes easier.There are also devices that can record audios alone and like the camera, it can be hidden in places least expected. 

Mobile apps and software can also be considered as surveillance technique. A software can now record web searches, calls and any other form of action that may be a source of information. Wiretapping, similarly, does the same in telephones where calls and conversations are intercepted.

Importance of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Surveillance and bugging are becoming more convenient. It can be done by anyone for varying reasons. Some plant bugs and cameras in offices and businesses to collect trade secrets and other information that can be used for their advantage. Spy cams can be used for very inappropriate reasons. Some landlords can own and operate a spy cam in rented apartments and rooms to spy on some tenants of his liking. But these devices can also be used as tools to collect evidence for crimes or even grounds for divorces. 

Businesses, specifically, considers countermeasures as a must. Information leakage may affect profits largely. It is then very important to detect the unauthorized information gathering before the losses are incurred. Early detection can be of good to the company. These countermeasures are also preventive steps.  They decrease the windows of vulnerability and prevent any information loss that can be used against the company. Also, it protects the personal safety and privacy of the employees.

What to Expect

There are different services available online. For your business, you can find executive protectors online to keep information from being attained by the wrong hands. Private and freelance investigators perform services that would detect bugs (a hidden listening device), disclose any other illegal devices for surveillance and report any technical security loopholes.


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