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Car Insurance Fraud Investigations

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This is another type of insurance fraud investigation where it usually involves staged vehicle accidents. Since it is very common, insurance companies often hire motor vehicle investigator or online private investigators whenever a policy owner is involved in an accident. 

Hiring Private Investigators

The investigators will need to examine the extent of the wreckage and the seriousness of the accident. The injuries suffered by the policy owner are also taken into consideration during the investigation. If there are questionable details where the pieces don’t exactly fit, there is a high probability of car insurance fraud.

  • How do investigators spot if there are fraudulent activities being made?
  • Investigators will look at the claims history of the policy owner. If there are several claims made by the policy owner in the past, then it needs to be investigated further. Insurance companies always keep records of claims so they will know if the person is always involved in accidents.
  • Researching the claimant’s personal background to see if there are criminal records.
  • Investigators interview the claimant and the witnesses on the scene of the accident. They may also conduct online investigation of road accident.
  • Investigators try to detect any suspicious billings.
  • Investigators try to match the injuries of the claimant and the damage of the vehicle to the accident report.
  • Conduct financial reviews on the claimant. If the claimant has financial problems, then it is a red flag that needs to be investigated.
  • Conduct investigation on social media. Some people are stupid enough to brag about their deception on Twitter or Facebook. This is part of the online background checks being done by the investigators. 


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