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Cell Phone Record

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Every cellular phone has a call log or a cell phone record. This feature lists of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls done by the user. In other cases, the cost of the call and the duration is reflected in the log. It just so happened, that theses logs can be used in a certain type of investigation. Cell phone record investigation, in general, is another type of telephone surveillance. This surveillance can be an investigation on their own or fragment of a larger investigation. 

Why are Cell Phone Record Investigations Conducted?

As mentioned, cell phone record investigations can be a part of a larger operation. These investigations may aid asset searches, skip tracing, cases on missing persons, recovery of fugitive, cheating spouse investigations, offline and online background checks, domestic investigations, online private investigations, investigations on telephone accounts, business checks, employee checks, criminal investigations, fraud investigations, child custody investigations, phone call record theft investigations, child abuse investigations, and others. 

In any investigation, a person’s phone use and records can be considered as essential information or lead. It is the perfect place and an ideal step 1 to start in any investigation since almost everyone has a phone to use. 

Professional Cell Phone Record Investigation 

It is through search warrants that a professional investigator can perform cell phone record searched legally. A private investigator is well versed on the ethical process in investigating outgoing and incoming call records. All information gathered are, in a way, acceptable in court if used in any judicial processes. 

Although there might be existing online services that guarantees you with a phone, landline, telephone call records and  bill records, they don’t  come in affordable price. When handling investigations alone, there might come an instance wherein the handling of the investigation would cross legal lines. More importantly, professional and trained cell phone record investigators can provide more accurate findings that may deem fit for legal purposes. 

Hence, it is best to get experienced and even online private investigators to aid you in your investigations. You can find executive protectors online. There are many different websites offering services and other freelance investigators that will be happy to serve you. 


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