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Child Investigations

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1.    Child Custody

Child custody investigation aids children from families who are undergoing turmoil, separation or divorce. They make sure these kids are safe.

Child Custody Investigators

Child custody investigators make sure to determine the child’s experience in both the non-custody and the custody parent. Some investigators reveal child abuse, negligence, and alcoholism or drug use with any of the party. If you move now, a child custody investigation might just save a child’s life. 

What to Expect

These investigators carefully do surveillance on the child to know how the child is treated in his or her home. Any information is then documented. Parents will also be questioned and are asked to fill out detailed questionnaires. 

2.    Child Recovery

This type of child investigation starts when a noncustodial parent kidnaps the child from the custodial parent or family. In cases like these, when a child is withheld or concealed from the custodian, an immediate investigation for the recovery of the abducted child is to commence. 

What Do Investigators Do?

Investigators will work to recover the victim as quickly as they possibly can, and help arrest the people responsible for the abduction.  

What is the Process?

The investigation can also begin if the third party was found guilty for kidnapping. Child abduction is treated highly by law enforcement agencies, providing for involvement from local law agencies and courts. 

3. Child Support

The non-custodial parents are, if not always, usually ordered by the court to pay for child support for the provision and well-being of the child. If the other parent of the child fails or neglects to make any payment for the child support, yet continues to receive income in any form, child support investigations might help you with that. 

What a Private Investigator Can Do For You

A licensed private investigator or freelance investigators will be able to provide you the information on where the child’s deadbeat mother or father is living, working and even information about the assets in their name. 

How Freelance Investigators Can Help

Basically, the investigator’s job is to provide as much information needed about the subject in focus so that you can acquire the legal system to get your child’s support. The kind of investigations done might include background checks.  Investigators must also investigate into the non-custodial parent’s present or recent employment and also their properties and other assets.

Child Visitation

A non-custodial parent is given the right to have a court-ordered time to spend with the child. They are often entitled a generous visitation time unless the visitation of the non-custodial parent is deemed unfit for the child or does not serve the child’s best interest. These visitation dates include every other weekend, holidays and summer vacations. 

It is the child’s welfare, which is safeguarded by the court in the matters of custody and visitation. The non-custodial parent is denied the visitation right due to the reasons below: 
•    evidence of domestic violence towards the child, child’s parent or siblings
•    parent with a history of drug and alcohol abuse
•    the parent’s parental rights were terminated

The Investigator’s Work

The investigator’s job is to look for the potential danger or damaging factors in the environment that is set for visitation.  

What Happens During Investigation?

Background information will be checked such as criminal records and offense, or any type of information that would aid the court in deciding the visitation grant. 

Child Endangerment

Child endangerment happens when a person behaves in a manner that places a child in impending danger of bodily injury, physical or mental impairment or death. This can be through an act or negligence. 
The court looks at, first, the intent. A behavior can only be charged as a felony if and only if there is an intent. If the defendant’s act was only done through recklessness or negligence, then he or she can only face a misdemeanor level of consequence. Then the court looks at the degree of risk. A higher risk means a higher charge. 

What Can Investigators Do?

The investigation can apply to the custodian and the non-custodian parent. Investigators are there to prevent anything that might cause harm to the child or correct any circumstance that may lead to harm or injuries. 

What is the Process of Investigation?

Investigators keep an eye on proofs of negligence, such as malnutrition or abuse, which may also include child abuse or even sexual abuse. 

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