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Computer Forensics Investigations

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Computer forensics is a division of digital forensic science that involves the legal evidence that is found in digital storage media as well as computers. It examines various digital media in an organized and forensically comprehensive manner in order to identify, recover, analyze, preserve and present all facts about the obtained digital data and information.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

This type of investigation is useful in investigating cyber crimes. However, computer forensics is also proven useful for obtaining substantial evidence for other crimes such as murder, homicide, fraud and more. Freelance investigators who are also trained in computer forensics are helpful in recovering data and information that are used as a way to capture criminals as well as perpetrators.

What is the Process?

The computer forensic process involves acquiring, examining and analyzing all the relevant data. Once all data are extracted, the reporting of information gathered follows. This type of investigation also uses a wide range of techniques such as:

  • Live Analysis: Examines the computers through its operating system to extract evidence.Ideal for encrypted files.
  • Cross-drive Analysis: Correlates various information found from different hard drives. Ideal for anomaly detection as well as social network identification.
  • Deleted Files: Recovering deleted files is one of the most common techniques of computer forensics. Since most operating systems do not fully erase actual file data, this technique enables online private investigators to reconstruct deleted information and files.
  • Steganography: This technique enables you to conceal valuable data inside a digital image or a picture. This involves comparing the original image to the file’s hash.
  • Stochastic Forensics: This technique is useful when freelance private investigators dig into data theft cases. It uses the computer system’s stochastic properties in order to investigate activities that lack digital artifacts. 
  • Gathering data from computers may seem easy; however, it is a meticulous process. Therefore, it is important to hire freelance investigators in order to help you with your computer forensics investigation.

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