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Document Reviewing

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The position of document reviewer is a position filled by paralegals, litigation support specialists, and attorneys for the purpose of finding documents relevant in a lawsuit or other legal matter. This information is used to prove the facts of the case or to substantiate claims between parties.




The act of reading multiple documents to find the relevant information is called discovery. In discovery, all important documents are flagged to be read by all lawyers involved. This guarantees that all pertinent information is known by all parties involved.


In the event of having a large collection of documents to review, law firms can hire temporary document review agencies or e-discovery vendors that create teams for that specific case.




Lawsuits may require the act of discovery for millions of documents that have been saved to cloud storage, hard drives, flash drives, personal computers, company servers, and third party servers. These documents can be in the form of digital files, video, and audio recordings.

Skill Set:


  • Bachelor’s degree- four years
  • Law degree- three years
  • Completed state bar exam
  • E-discovery classes, if available


  • Bachelor’s degree- four years
  • Paralegal certificate program- three months to one year
  • E-discovery courses, if available through the paralegal certificate program

Litigation Support Specialists:

  • Finish courses for lawyer or paralegal certification
  • Complete training on computer software used specifically in searching large document collections

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Document Reviewing

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