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Electronic Data Discovery

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Electronic data discovery is an investigation that involves discovering information presented in an electronic format. This process is done in order to gather evidence that can be used during a litigation process. 

What Can Freelance Investigators Do?

Freelance investigators, together with IT experts, forensic specialists and other investigative professionals, conduct electronic data discovery through careful examination as well as analysis of the data obtained. Once they have gathered enough proof, prosecutors and law enforcements can carry out their duties of apprehending the people responsible for a crime.

Freelance private investigators work on various types of electronic documents and data such as software programs, email correspondence, hard drives, texts, images, web pages, data and call logs, databases and more in order to find substantial evidence that can convict the perpetrator. This type of investigation is useful in cyber crimes as well as other cases including murder, fraud, embezzlement, homicide and others.

Electronic Data Discovery Procedure

Electronic data discovery investigation involves various procedures such as:

  • Complaint. Electronic data discovery begins when individuals or businesses search private investigators to help them with their complaint. They will narrate their worries to the investigators in order to give the latter an idea on what the crime is all about.
  • Data Gathering. The next step is the gathering of data related to the investigation. In this type of investigation, data sources would be the     computers and any other media-related devices.
  • Investigation. Online private investigators may also visit the crime scene in order to search for more evidence.
  • Analysis. All gathered evidence are then extracted and analyzed. Data from computers are also scrutinized in order to look for clues and evidence.
  • Apprehension. Finally, once all evidence is presented to the right people, they can apprehend the person or people responsible for the crime.

In order to have a successful electronic data discovery investigation, these procedures must be followed. 

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