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Financial Fraud Investigation

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Investigators of financial claims have to deal with financial transactions in different industries and businesses. Our investigators are highly skilled in detecting fraudulent transactions that involve theft, embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, online investigation of assets and many more. 

When is financial claim investigator needed?

  • When the company is doing an acquisition or merger
  • When there are disputes between shareholders and partners
  • When there is corporate internal investigation
  • When couples are undergoing divorce litigation
  • When there are personal injury claims or vehicular accidents

When there is fraud involving any transaction of money in the business and corporate world, then it can be classified as financial fraud. In every industry, there are accounting weaknesses that can be controlled and taken advantage of by fraudulent people. Here are just some financial fraud scenarios that can happen in a company:

  • Duplicate invoices
  • Fictitious or duplicate payables
  • Irregular bank transactions that are critical to the company
  • Suspected hacking of accounting systems and changes in the data
  • Understated receivables

What to Expect?

Once these scenarios are identified, the investigator can proceed with the thorough investigation. We can work with the company to pinpoint the actual financial fraud and conduct background checks, surveillance and interviews. Investigators have to be resourceful in recovering financial data or tracking down hidden financial documents. Documents such as bank accounts, receipts, computer files and records have to be researched and recovered to look for any signs of fraud.


Skills :