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Fraud Investigations

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Fraud Investigation is useful for corporate profiling, security risk analysis, business and corporate analysis, due diligence and asset tracing. It is essential in gathering data and evidence against data theft, fraud, breach of contracts, embezzlement, misappropriation, wrongful termination and more. These clients seek the help of investigators in order to determine whether their suspects are guilty of committing fraudulent acts in order to achieve personal gains.

Freelance private investigators also perform fraud investigations for individuals, financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies and other business entities.

Fraud investigation techniques include individual and corporate background checks, surveillance, computer forensics, paper and electronic trail monitoring, interview of families, friends and colleagues, witness and suspect interviews, lifestyle checks and financial activity monitoring.

Fraud is a criminal activity that involves the abuse of power or position, prejudicing other people’s rights, or false representation for your own personal gain. It is the act of deceiving other people in order to cause a loss or to achieve something for personal gains.

If there is intent to deceive, that person is more likely to commit fraud. The different types of fraud include but not limited to:

  • Corporate Fraud. This involves the deliberate untruthfulness in order to deceive investors, lending companies and the public. 
  • Asset Stripping. This method involves the stripping of valued assets and leaving all debts behind. 
  • Fraudulent Trading. Companies who continue a business with an intention of deceiving creditors or other related parties commits fraudulent trading. 
  • Share Ramping. Also known as “book ramping”, share ramping is influencing the company’s share price in order to take advantage of the stone.
  • Publishing False Information. This type of fraud happens when a criminal falsifies, conceals or destroys records, accounts or reports in order to mislead other parties.
  • Public Sector Fraud. This happens when fraudulent criminals exploit compensation schemes and government grants for their own gains.
  • Investment Fraud. This targets vulnerable individuals through convincing arguments in order to make them invest their money in a company that promises high returns. 
  • Share Scams. Scammers call people in order to sell fake or losing company shares. 
  • Bribery and Corruption. This kind of fraud compromises and manipulates a person, company or government’s integrity for personal gains.
  • Others. Other fraudulent crimes include identity fraud, tax and excise fraud, civil matters, benefit frauds and contractual disputes.

How Can Private Investigators Help?

If you feel like you are dealing with a dishonest person, you can hire freelance private investigators who can help conduct fraud investigations for you. They are discrete, knowledgeable and well equipped to do the job for you. 

What to Expect

During initial meeting, the investigator will be given information by the client about the subject as well as evidences that the client initially gathered. The investigator will work with the evidence to find more facts. The investigator may use background checks, asset searches, business investigation, employee investigations and other methods deemed necessary to have an accurate information for the client. 

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