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Skip Trace Investigations

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What is a Skip Trace Investigation?

A skip trace investigation is also known as people trace investigation. Based on itsalternative name, this kind of investigation involves tracing the whereabouts of an individual who avoided a legal or financial obligation. However, a skip trace is not only limited to such cases. A skip trace investigation also proves useful in these following situations:

  • Tracking down a defendant who purposely missed court appearances
  • Locating individuals who need to be served with important legal documents
  • Tracing individuals who owe creditors a certain amount of money
  • Searching for an individual who needs to be informed about an inheritance

The Advantage of Hiring a Freelance Investigator

With the advent of technology, locating a person has become more convenient. There are websites like, which can help you track an individual’s residence. However, most of the information that were gathered by these websites are inaccurate. To acquire accurate information, hiring a freelance investigator is the best choice. 

How is a Skip Trace Investigation Conducted?

A freelance investigator employs several methods to locate an individual. These techniques include records research, surveillance and background investigation. With records research, a freelance investigator accesses different databases to obtain information. He also checks libraries, court records and other valid resources.

Surveillance is often used to trace a person’s location. It is also used by freelance investigators to understand an individual’s habits. Surveillance gives them accurate information about where an individual lives or works, what places they frequent and what kind of activities they usually perform.

Depending on the circumstance, a freelance investigator can also conduct a background investigation. Through it, they can better understand and gain information about the individual that they are tracing. Background investigation involves interviews with relatives, friends, former and present co-workers and other people relevant to the individual being located. 

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Skip Trace Investigations

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