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Video and Photography Surveillance

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Video surveillance is the method of monitoring the behavior as well as the activities of suspects and target people. It uses various electronic media devices such as CCTV cameras, digital cameras, drones and others.

Photography surveillance, also referred as clandestine photography, is a surveillance method that monitors and photographs the movement, behavior and activities of a target person or a suspect. It uses cameras, lenses, tripods, drones and more.

Can Private Investigators Do the Job Right?

Online private investigators are helpful in conducting these methods of surveillance, as they have the necessary training and expertise needed for it. They know how to conduct such surveillance stealthily. Therefore, the surveillance operation will not be compromised.

Purpose of Video and Photography Surveillance

Freelance investigators are experts in conducting secretive surveillance. They perform video and photography surveillance for various reasons. These reasons include:

  •  Safety and protection. Surveillance is helpful in keeping the safety and protection of those whose security are at risk. Investigators normally  install CCTV cameras and monitors around a person’s home or office in order to monitor the activities around them.
  •  Monitoring. Video and photography surveillance is also helpful in monitoring the movements as well as the behaviors of criminals, suspects  and target persons. This can help in obtaining more evidence that can be used for the case.
  •  Evidence gathering. Online private investigators use these methods of surveillance in order to gather enough evidence against a suspect or  perpetrator. They can obtain videos and photographs that can be used to put the suspect behind bars.
  •  Others. Sadly, these types of surveillance are also used for negative purposes such as blackmails, threats and influencing of target persons. Some people are forced to do something harmful because they are victims of the negative effects of video and photography surveillance.

Regardless of their purpose, it is important to hire an experienced freelance private investigator in order to ensure the quality of the information that you are going to get.

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