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About Us

This is a platform that connects clients from all over the country with highly qualified freelance investigators. You can hire an investigator for an online search or to conduct an investigation in another city. Whatever the need, Investigator is here, presenting you with the solution to your problem, quickly and privately.

Professional Investigators

Many of the professionals on Investigator have backgrounds in arson investigatation, crime scene investigation or another branch of law enforcement. This experience, combined with their professional resources, will be put to use for your case.

Some work through an agency while others work independently, but all have the opportunity to list their credentials, education and degrees on their profiles. Should you have any questions about their credentials, please check with the state they are licensed in.

Discreet Services

To use this platform, investigators must accept the Confidentiality Agreement found in the Terms and Conditions. This is to protect your privacy. You never have to be worry about how your private business is handled during the investigation or after your project is closed.

Fair Practices 

The investigators employed through are held to a high level of accountability and professional integrity. However, if you are dissatisfied with your services, you can dispute them. If no agreement can be reached between you and the investigator, we provide arbitration to settle the dispute.