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The mission is to supply clients with efficient, honest, and professional services. The process ensures customer satisfaction and a job well done.


  • Search for investigators based on expertise, education or certification. You may also post your job and invite qualified and experienced investigators to bid.
  • Deposit funds into your Investigator escrow account to ensure prompt payment when the job is done.
  • Hire the most qualified investigator through the direct hire option or choose from a list of qualified bidders.
  • Monitor progress in your case as your investigator uploads photographs, files, and/or videos. You may also track him or her through our Live Map tracking service.
  • Close the project and Investigator will release the escrow payment. From there, you are free to hire him or her for another job or to hire a different investigator.


This process ensures quality work and satisfaction by delivering professional service in a timely manner. If your investigator does not perform to your satisfaction, contact Client support will arbitrate as fair and unbiased mediators to resolve the problem and provide the help you need.


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Here’s how it works

Connect with Clients Online


This site can serve to provide a steady source of employment opportunities for short-term and long-term work.


Private investigators:

  • Sign up for free
  • Complete the profile
  • Search for projects to bid on
  • Get hired
  • Discuss the project with the client
  • Request an escrow payment to ensure payment upon work completion
  • Complete the job
  • Collect your payment

With this system, the client can hire you directly from your profile or through a bid you placed on the project. Bids allow you to tell the prospective client why you would be best suited for the job and how much your rate of pay is. It is a simple and easy process, meant to connect the client and investigator quickly. This system provides the opportunity for repeat business and mutally beneficial partnerships.

The creators of have tried earnestly to make the process of finding work and getting paid as easy as possible for the investigators that use this site. Should you have any problems, suggestions or questions, support teams are available to help you.

There are times when the clients and private investigators may not see eye-to-eye on the end results of a project. provides fair and unbiased mediation for the parties involved so the issue can be resolved quickly.


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